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Our Projects

In 2024, Passion for Africa will continue its work with lawful African immigrants in the US.  In the Congo, we will launch a desk drive in March to finish providing desks for the more than 1200 students in our Congolese school, and also raise funds to complete deserately needed repairs to the school and church buildings.  

Desk Drive

We need to fund an additional 148 desks for each child to have a desk to sit at in the school we assist in the Congo.  For what many US families pay for gift wrap, you can give generations of schoolchildren in the Congo a desk at school.  Click on the Donation tab, above, to give a desk !

     Facility Repair

Help us meet our goal of the $3480 needed to make repairs to facilities in the Congo.  This money will be used for concrete, paint, new doors, and similar to make repairs to the church and school.  Click on the Donation tab, above, to help.

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