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Banda B. Mamoso (MPH, M.A.)
President & CEO
Passion For Africa 


About Banda Banda-di Mamoso (MPH, M.A.)

Few individuals have the skills necessary to thrive in more than one culture; however, Banda Mamoso has proven to be one of those exceptions. Through his focus on health education and promotion, he has had the privilege to impact both men and women of all ages, in Africa and here in the United States. He has worked hard all his adult life to leave a life-changing imprint on those around him.  He can be described as a smart, caring, and resourceful self-starter.
As a minister and community developer, Banda came to the United States in 2006 with a unique burden. Being a new legal African immigrant himself, he was deeply touched by the pain and difficulties of other Africans coming into the United States, especially in the Raleigh area from other countries who had no one to help them enculturate (i.e., learning the dynamics of their surrounding culture and acquiring the values and norms appropriate or necessary in that culture). He continues to carry this burden and seeks to aid those who need his assistance as they negotiate their new lives here in their new country. In 2015 his desire to do more for newly arrived legal African immigrants intensified, and Chip DeWitt was the first to share in Banda’s passion and they began working to develop the By-laws. It is after Banda began sharing his vision and mission with people both inside and outside of church that Passion for Africa was born. In late 2017 Shana Trapnell adopted the vision and joined hands with Banda. They have both worked tirelessly to bring the organization up to the status where it is now, recognized to operate legally in the United States.
Banda’s counsel is highly respected and frequently sought out. He has served as the Assistant Pastor of Brier Creek Community Church and currently serving as one of the Elders at North Ridge church of the C&MA. He is an articulate presenter with excellent communication skills, as well as, compassionate, caring, and a resourceful self-starter. For many years he has led teams, pioneered ministries, and overseen a diverse array of projects. Banda holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Master of Art degree in Christian Ministry.
Passion for Africa is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization committed to helping newly arrived legal African immigrants to become fully self-sufficient, healthy, and productive in their new country. We are committed to partnering with other Non-Profit organizations that will assist in bringing our vision to fruition as well as supporting their Vision as well.


Chip DeWitt



Margy DeWitt



Sam McGarvey



Paul Tsasa



Shana Trapnell

(Vice-President & COO)

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