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What We Do

In North Carolina / USA
Our goal is to provide new lawful African immigrants in Raleigh, North Carolina and its surrounding areas with social, educational, and supportive services. These services include:

Healthy integration to their new location (i.e. Cultural shock)
This will help new immigrants grasp the American economic, social, civic, and the political institutions and practices. New immigrants will also learn that the American culture manifests itself in many forms and that they have the freedom to choose where they feel most comfortable.

English as second language (ESL)

Learning English is a crucial skill for any new immigrant from a country that does not speak English. It is essential for them to be able to communicate with people for work and/or school. After school, ESL activities will also be very important for children whose parents are unable to help their children with school homework.

Certificate programs (e.g., Computer Training)

We understand that many African immigrants come to the United States with little or no exposure to basic computer systems. Passion for Africa can provide them the opportunity to develop computer skills, including but not limited to, typing, email, navigating the internet, and software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These skills will assist them in becoming more competitive in the job field, as well as, in academic studies. A certification of completion is granted to those who satisfactory complete the program.

Job placement support

Passion for Africa is committed to helping new legal immigrants find jobs so they can become self-sufficient and productive in their new country.

Other Services

Routine activities such as finding housing, or teaching them how to drive, how to get a car insurance, how to find a doctor are also services that we offer to the new lawful African immigrants.

In Central Africa
Our Central Africa goals are to provide community support through the development of Health Education and Promotion. We are starting from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
These efforts will be achieved through the collection of donated funds, (new and used) equipment, books, and educational materials. We will use these donations for the improvement of:
• Hospitals
• Health Care Centers
• Schools
• Sustainable agricultural development
Who are the Beneficiaries?
In North Carolina, we work with newly arrived lawful immigrants and their families.
In Central Africa, our beneficiaries are the most vulnerable communities, especially those displaced by conflicts.


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